Ameer Al Oud Bukhoor

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Ameer AL OUD Bakhoor Incense is a High Quality Bakhoor by Almas Perfumes (MNP Perfumes).

Ameer Al Oud Bakhoor (Incense) is a beautiful lovely Bukhoor Incense with Agarwood Fragrance, it is unavoidable. This Bakhoor is made with high quality Oud Oil, Oud Wood, Sandal, Amber, Roses, and Saffron.

Burn Incense for an Amazing Fresh Home, Shop, or Office.

If you like Ashek Al Oud Bakhoor or Ashek Al Oud Maamoul than you  would love this one as well. 

than you  would love this one as well. 

If you find yourself attracted to Oud, this is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • Material: Oud oil perfume
  • Suitable for: Home
  • Country of Manufacture: UAE
  • Size: 40Gr 

It can be Burned in Electric & Non-Electric Bakhoor Burner.